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Low Threshold Doors

At Access for the Disabled, we believe that security and safety should go hand-in-hand with comfort and convenience. That's why we've put together a comprehensive range of innovative products designed to aid wheelchair users, people with disabilities, those with reduced mobility and the elderly, including low threshold doors, which enable easier access to commercial and residential properties.

Helping you to be Independent Again

Staying safe and protected in your home can often be difficult for those with reduced mobility. Stairs can be a challenge, bathing a struggle, and even navigating a doorway can be a daunting task.

We provide fantastic solutions for those that require additional help or simply want to save their precious energy to do the things in life that they enjoy most. Whether it's our low threshold doors that take away the struggle of manoeuvring through doorways, bath lifts that gently lower you down and up again, or stair lifts that enable you to roam your home easily and safely again, we've an extensive range of products designed with you in mind.

Low Threshold Doors And More

Situated in the heart of Lancashire in Preston, we have a variety of reliable options for both residential and commercial customers, and we tailor each package to suit the individual needs of each customer. Feel free to browse our range online, and contact us for a no-obligation survey and quotation

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